General Questions

How are you addressing concerns related to COVID-19?

We're getting outdoors and away from the crowds.

But yes, we require you mask up when inside park buildings or when we cannot maintain social distance on the trail. We are actively monitoring public health agencies (local and national, including the CDC) so that we can provide informed responses to any questions or concerns related to travel to Yosemite.

We work closely with the National Park Service to stay up to date on public safety measures and guidelines specific to address social distancing and health concerns within federal lands. As an informed traveler, we encourage you to do the same but we are also available via phone or email.

Wilderness Badass Wellness Pledge

We're committed to keep everyone safe and expect staff and guest to abide by the Wilderness Badass Wellness Pledge when entering federal and public lands:

  • That no one in your party has exhibited signs or symptoms of illness within the last 72 hours prior to meeting.
  • That no one in your party has been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past 14 days or lives with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past 14 days.
  • That no one in your party has been knowingly in close contact, as defined by the CDC, with someone who was positive for COVID-19 at the time of close contact.
  • That it is each individual’s responsibility to maintain appropriate social distance whenever possible.
  • That you will take responsibility for ensuring that all in your party will abide by the Face Covering mandate in place in federal lands set by the National Park Service requiring individuals to wear a face covering over their mouth and nose while indoors, in enclosed spaces, or when unable to maintain social distancing while outdoors.

Who can join Wilderness Badass trips?

Our Legendary Weekend Adventures were designed for those 21 or older. Sorry kids (literally). The nature of our trips is to go with the flow of nature – when plans change and we can't hit the trail we may want to hit the local pub instead. There's just something about not having to worry about minors that sits well with us and, well, it tends to sit well with everyone on our trips. Let's not make this awkward.

I’ve never backpacked before, can I still join?

You better believe it! We believe anyone with the courage to try is already prepared. Our Grizzly Crew Guides make it easy for anyone new to backpacking to make the most of our Legendary Weekends. We travel as One Crew and are true believers in the philosophy of OHANA – Ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind. Unless there's a bear, then we better hope someone has porridge that is just right.

Do you have beginner trips?

The long answer is, no. The short answer is, it's not about being a beginner or an elite athlete. It's about having the right mindset, the williness to push yourself, and the courage to try – we guarantee you'll have a kickass experience. Our Legendary Weekends were created because get stoked from seeing someone's face light up after they've accomplished something they thought was not for beginners.

Why do you meet at 7 AM?

Do you enjoy being stuck in line to get into Yosemite? Do you enjoy bumper to bumper traffic inside a National Park? Do you hate having to drive around looking for a place to park before you can start your adventure?

Neither do we.

We have one mission on our trips – to take 72 hours and jam-pack them to get the most out of our weekend together.

Can I join a trip if I'm going solo?

Absofuckenlutely. That's what our Legendary Weekends are known for. Come alone – leave with adventure compadres that you'll soon be planning more adventures with.

Our trips welcome the courageous, the adventurer, and the risk-taker. We find that the things we want most tend to be right outside our comfort zone. Join us – you'll be glad you did.

What's the typical age of people on your trips?

Our trips tend to attract a fun-loving, adventure-seeking (some say better-looking) crowd. Besides needing to be 21 or older, we find that it's the young-at-heart that really like to crash our Legendary Weekends.

  • If you are wild and free, you'll fit right in.
  • If you pack a flask to celebrate at the summit, you'll fit right in.
  • If you get goosebumps from watching coffee brew in the morning, you'll fit right in.
  • If you are a mom or dad escaping your kids for the weekend (we get it), you'll fit right in.

What's included in the cost?

Wilderness Badass is an adventure guiding company and we pride ourselves on taking care of the details for you. The list below highlights what is included on all our trips:

  • Applicable Permits and Fees
  • Campground Reservations
  • Rad, Professional, and Experienced Guides
  • An endless supply of puns throughout the weekend
  • Delicious, chef-designed meals
  • Trail snacks
  • Group camping gear including water filters, stoves, first aid kit
  • Pre-trip planning information specific to your trip
  • Gear Packing List
  • A Jam-Packed Weekend full of laughs, inappropriate jokes, and memories guaranteed to last a lifetime

Can I bring my own food?

John Muir did and so can you. Although, we guarantee our food will leave your heart content and your belly full. Plus, we think you deserve more than just a loaf of bread and a stick of butter.

Do you provide transportation?

We provide freedom and flexibility by having everyone drive their own vehicles. We meet at designated locations, trailheads, and checkpoints throughout the trip. This allows for you to have the comfort of carrying extra gear and luxuries that would otherwise be limited by a van. Plus you know, pandemics change the way we see things.

What's the weather like in Yosemite?

Weather gets a bad rep. We like to think that there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear. We'll make sure to let you know ahead of our trips to make sure you are prepared. But if you must know, average temps in the backcountry (7,000-10,000’) during summer months range between 65-75°F during the day and 30-40°F at night. In Yosemite Valley (4,000’), you can expect warmer temps (averaging mid 70s- high 80s°F and lows of 40-50°F). Warm sunny days are perfect for floating the Merced River or jumping in the lake or a swimming hole.

Reservations & Payment

When is payment due?

For all trips, payment is due at the time of booking to secure your spot on our trips. We are working to provide payment options and give you more ways to make these trips fit your budget as we launch our first season in Yosemite. Bear with us. See what we did there? 

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations made 60 days or more prior to trip departure receive a 50% refund. 

Cancellations made 22-59 days prior to trip departure receive a 25% refund.

There are no refunds for cancellations made 0-21 days prior to trip departure or after the trip has begun. No refunds will be made for any unused portions of a trip.

What amount should I plan for gratuities for my guides?

Tipping is customary but not required. However, we guarantee your trip will be one of the most memorable experiences you'll ever have and tipping your guides for a Legendary Weekend will be most appreciated. Cash, Venmo, or Zelle are the best ways to hook up your new favorite guides for delicious meals, all the laughs, and a Legendary Weekend.