10 Essentials + a Flask of Whiskey

Posted by The Grizzly Crew on

The Wilderness Badass Ten Essentials System isn't a question - it's a statement. Keep your behind alive and carry these things every time you head out into the wild. But first, make sure you know how to use these things. 

The List

  • A flask of whiskey. Because we can. And you should celebrate every place you reach after a long trek. Acceptable subs: tequila, rum, and microbrews. 
  • Navigation (map and compass). But fair warning, if you don't know how to use these, then take a class. Being prepared doesn't mean just carrying the right tools. Make sure you know how to use them compadres. It's like carrying a GPS navigation receiver but only knowing how to turn it on. 
  • Sun protection (snazzy shades and sunblock). Protect your eyes from the witch of a sun, and prevent looking like a lobster. 
  • Insulation. Yes, that means warm clothes. The right clothes. 
  • Illumination. We're not talking your favorite reading from Buddha. Headlamp and some fresh batteries will do. 
  • First-aid kit. It's to prevent things from getting worse, not to replace the ER. 
  • Fire. Know how to start a fire...or strike a match...or light a lighter. Any of these will work, as long as you have them on you. 
  • Repair kit and tools. A knife and duct tape usually does the trick. 
  • Nutrition. Extra food. Skittles. Energy gels. Seriously, skittles - a fast way to get sugar and bring back up to speed. 
  • Hydration. You're not a camel. Always carry extra water. If anything, it'll be a good workout. 
  • Emergency shelter.  Space blankets are pretty freaking cool, but just hope you never have to use one.  
Having all these things in your pack means nothing unless you know how to use them. Take a class and keep your knowledge base in tip top shape. We can assure you there are plenty of places to expand your knowledge and options for the first item on the list.