Grizzly Crew Ambassadors Program Breakdown

First off, welcome!

We are stoked to continue to push the culture forward.

We love to work with people who believe what we believe and for that we believe in you. More so than anything, the Grizzly Crew is expected to BE LEGENDARY and to ALWAYS SHARE THE STOKE.

Ambassador Requirements and Expectations:
  • You create legendary adventures
  • You tag us in your posts and feature @wildernessbadass
  • You spread the Wilderness Badass culture in your community
  • You share our content to inspire people
  • You join our local outings when/if you can
  • You’ll join us at the Grizzly Crew Retreat in August, if you can
  • More Specifically:
    • Host Wilderness Badass meet-ups (or trail clean-up) in your local area
      • Once every 3 months
      • Invite others to join you on a hike you were already planning or whatever else you’re getting into in the outdoors. Build up the Crew in your community. We will help promote these meet-ups in advance to create greater engagement.
      • Partner up with other ambassadors
      • Activities you might do:
        • Snowboarding/skiing, trail running, day hikes, backpacking, rock climbing, MTB rides, camping, etc. (yes, etc. is an activity)
      • Host a trail clean-up at your local trails
        • We will provide you with stickers for the event
        • We’ll set up a registration page to gauge attendance
        • We’ll provide you some gear to rep the Crew
    • Post on Instagram mentioning @wildernessbadass. Post showcasing your outdoor adventures
    • Help spread the culture through your adventures doing what makes you a Wilderness Badass
    • Inspire others that might try something for the first time
    • Engage your followers to check out the Shop (🔹
    • Recommend your favorite Wilderness Badass gear
    • Reshare Stoked stories
      • @wildernessbadass will send out stories on our Close Friends list, the ambassadors, and let you know when we want to spread the word among the Wilderness Badass community
    • Represent the Crew. Add @wildernessbadass to your IG bio
    • Tag @wildernessbadass on any post you feel adds value to the feed and we’ll prioritize to feature these posts on the @wildernessbadass account
    • Write a blog post to feature on your blog and on the Wilderness Badass Institute of Research
    • Create product content (photography) for the ‘gram and the Shop
    • Throw ideas our way on how to collaborate, engage, and create more stoke to share. If you have ideas on how to build the Wilderness Badass community, we are all ears. 

        What’s in it for you? 

        Grizzly Crew members are the first to take shots with us when we actually meet you (we always carry whiskey), we'll share the stoke every chance we get, and reward you these perks:

        The Benefits

        • Exclusive discount on all Wilderness Badass gear from the Shop for the term of your ambassadorship
        • Exposure and features on our social media platforms
        • Collaboration opportunities
        • Ability to earn Shop credit based on your engagement and participation. The more you do for Wilderness Badass, the more we do for you.
        • Exposure: be featured on our account and platforms
        • Join us at the Wilderness Badass Grizzly Crew Retreat 
          • August 2 - 4, 2019
          • Eastern Sierra Legendary Weekend Adventure
          • Camping, day hikes, hot springs
          • Community building
          • Mountain House providing backpacking meals
          • Golden Road Brewery providing brews for the weekend
          • Wilderness Badass providing one Legendary Weekend Adventure

        The 2019 Ambassadorship will last through 2019, hence 2019 Ambassadorship. At the end of 2019, if we feel you have committed to the program and kept us pushing along, we will invite you to extend your ambassadorship and continue spreading the stoke. So like any new relationship, we hope that you will continue to push the culture forward throughout the year, but understand that circumstances change and breakups are sometimes the best way to move forward. No hard feelings here. We simply appreciate the fact that you took the initiative to join and be part of the Crew, and for that we will forever be grateful. 

        This year, we are recommitting to building our Wilderness Badass community, meeting crazy rad people whenever and wherever we can, and most importantly, inspiring others to get outside and push past their comfort zone. And for joining us on this mission, we salute you! 

        Let's grab a beer whenever you're in SoCal, or if we happen to be adventuring in your neck of the woods. We're always a phone call away.


        @miguelmigs, Founder of Wilderness Badass



        From the Original Stoke Supply Co.

        Let's share the Stoke!